When should I arrive at my audition?

The age range listed is for the character.  Meaning, if you are 25 but believe you can play/read 18, you're good-to-go!  (We've seen 28 year-olds who can play/read 18-21 and 18 year-olds who can play/read 28!)

We recommend that you do not sing a song from Spring Awakening- we prefer to reserve those songs for callbacks. Because Spring Awakening is a pop/rock musical, you can certainly be creative in your song selection!  Singing a pop song that fits the style of Spring Awakening would not be out-of-bounds!

Are the age ranges listed for Spring Awakening ​for the characters or the actors?

Here is the best advice we can give:

1.  Choose a song from a musical that you both know and like; in the case of Spring Awakening, we believe you can be a bit more creative and choose an appropriate pop/rock song.

2.  Choose a song that fits and expresses you.

3.  Choose a song that is not too difficult for an accompanist.​  

    (Although our accompanist is excellent, this is still generally good advice.)

But I don't have any go-to songs!  How should I choose?

Who will be in the room at my audition?

Pending illness or injury, the company of SHOOT THE GLASS will be there including Ryan and Rachel Nielson, Brianna Regan, and Kyler Chase.  You can also expect to meet our amazing accompanist Jean Van Heel, as well as our magnanimous Music Director Randy Buikema.  

If you registered online through Theaterforms then all you need to bring is your sheet music for our accompanist! Theaterforms collects your headshot, resume, and experience.  We love this as it reduces paper and makes the process much easier from an organization perspective.  Register for auditions here.

What should I bring to my audition?


Should I sing something from Spring Awakening?

We suggest you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time slot.  Give yourself a chance to arrive and breathe before you have to run in the door and audition!

Here is what we suggest in the vast majority of cases: sing something that makes you feel confident and comfortable; sing something that you know very well.  ​  Actors in music theater tend to have their go-to audition songs because go-to songs tend to be just what was stated above: songs that make us feel comfortable and confident that we know very well!

What should I sing at my audition?

What should I wear to my audition?

Wear appropriate clothing that makes you feel comfortable and confident.